What is the experience of a girlfriend for? Why I became a GFE experienced and for what I do it ?

  • Why we are need such experience of a girlfriend and whether is it important to have such a friend like ?


Here is my little biography that will allow you to look into my personal ex life and find the answer to many questions and understand many social problems that we have and not thought about it before
I give my agreement to correct any kind of errors and can be copied without reference to my blog or leaving my name anonymous. 
I wish to give the title of this story :

 /Tears of Angel or Scream of an Angel/

Short introduction
  • What is the experience of a girlfriend for? Why I became a GFE  experienced and for what I do it ?
  • Escort confession why I chose this type of activity
  • I ask you to appreciate this not strictly.
  •  Sooner or later I need to talk about this for everyone who is interested in.
  • Perhaps my confession will affect the future or your contemptuous views.
  • Yes, I have other job and professions and even 2 good hight educations but that did not make me happy. My past adventures just do not let me live normally.
  •   Why did I start doing et experience and what led me to become an experienced girlfriend?
*Part 1.
Can a girl girlfriend experience get married someday?

Why i cant to get marred and be a good wife?

Yes, I get a lot of invitations to get married. These are interesting men who are worthy of love and kindness and happiness.
I just probably understand that it is difficult for a normal person to accept and forgive a woman with such a crazy past time.
Usually men fall in love with the beauty of the body and the sexuality they want to possess the body and physically. I understand that they like just my big experience what I can and how and they want to have it just for themselves.
But I need someone who can love my naked soul and only then my body can be get only for one.
If a man loves a beautiful soul then he will forgive everything and will not remember the various nonsense actions. Unfortunately, people usually follow the basic instincts.

With the advent of the legal services of the call girlfriends  experience for the self-indulgent and shy men managed to fulfill their fantasies. My experience helps to get it.

I hope my true life story confession will help many people to understand and rethink many things.

  Maybe young girls will not be so openly dressed and very sexy.

I often had anattention when a girl was wearing a sexy swimsuit. A wet swimsuit covered her breasts and the backside and she was looking so sexy .How much much the desire for sex from different men and many Of them are married. I watched as maniacs go for the girls on.
Many crazy and scary. Once a man was dressed in children's clothes on sports ground. He touched and stroked the children's clothes and kept his dick bigger. He watched the half-naked girls in a sea side cafe from a distance away .Yes, it's good when the law protects and a maniac can get into prison. One fool will be closed but many other idiots remain and they look good and are beautifully dressed. It happens that drunken girls on the beach go in the sea and how many abnormal men are happy about this moment and rub their penis. I've seen this many times.But why do girls provoke this? Maybe they want to get a look at a maniac.

Many men are crazy at the sight of half-naked girls and can not hold control. And we must always remember that adverted female body always attracts the eye and causes erotic desire and it is difficult for many people to control it.

  Maybe parents will pay more attention to their kids and protect them. It is very important to become a true friend to your children, so that your child will not be afraid of you and tell everything and trust you.
 Maybe you will become more attentive
to your wife or your wife will look at you with a fresh new look.
It's very nice when a friendly family does not have secrets from each other believe and love and understand each other. When the husband and wife are one whole then you will not happen or anything bad in such a strong family.

  •  Maybe some men concerned about sex games will stop perverting and chasing girls and 
  • Come to get a GFE services and 
  •  happen personally and without danger to others!

*Part 2.
How i got my experience from my childhood or The Stolen Childhood.

 Once, when my friend and I returned home from the school we met an unusual man.

As now I remember it was my first day when I went to school for the first time.

We went into the entrance of our 5th floors house and met a young man who unbuttoned his jeans and waved his *sausage* in different directions.

It is unbelievable but no one has stepped into the entrance and no one door was no opened.

We looked at his skill with interest as we saw it first time.

The guy said that he works in a circus and he came from there to show tricks.

He said that he would show how the milk would flow from the sausage and it became interesting for us. He put me on his *sausage*, and my friend looked with amazement and asked how the sausage did not come off.

Milk poured and splashed my dress. At that time I absolutely did not understand what it was.

We began to look at the strange milk on the steps and trampled on our feet. The guy helped us in this. When all the milk was wiped off from the floor, the guy buttoned up his jeans.
We asked how he would go with such a big sausage in his pants and what he noted that there is a special pocket inside. He invited us to come to the circus and quickly left our house entrance.
This case still breaks my soul. It hurts me all my live with such memories and my heart hurts for other kids also.
How many kids can be a victim of sex and who do not talk about it!!!
If then the GFE was legal...
 The guy would ask to play the role play of a little girl dressing  like baby socks and baby clothes tie braids.
Everyone would be happy and satisfied. Neither any victims non broken lives.

*Part Pretty 

  I have been grew up in a poor and unhappy family and was very skinny poor girl because of undernourishment and hunger pathetic. I did not had any clothes and I asked for some wear from my elder cousin.
But I became a  teenager girl and I had forms and I really wanted to have friends. Since I did not look fashionable  nobody did not want to be friends with me.
At the age of 12, I learned how to sew clothes for myself and made skirts from curtains and created unusual exclusive sweaters from old clothes.  I wanted to be more modern and sexy and delicious.
I painted my hair with hydrogen peroxide and made my hair curly.
I wanted had more and more beauty.
Men began to get acquainted with me on the street and I had some new friends.
Once, like the old tight tights, I made the leggings painted by ink in violet and dyed bright colors.
It was incredibly fashionable and so sexy on me!
So in my 16th i have been looking good and friendly.
But unfortunately, it's a big mistake for girls to look sexy and attractive. They think about fashion, but forget that people have a basic instincts. So now is my story about my badly day in my life.

   One day when I was on the way from my school in tight pants with beautiful bright flowers drawing.

I became a victim of a mad maniac who just went free from jail.


My bus came to the last stop and I had to take an another bus. 

As someone took my hand and something solid pressed against my back, whether it was a knife or a gun.

He said that he just left jail because he attacked and beat a man.
Once someone fucked and slave to his girlfriend and he found that person and wanted to kill hem  But he got into jail.
When he was in jail his girlfriend found out that she was pregnant after a maniac and jumped off out roof of a 9-storey building.
So now he will decided to take revenge in this way and rape the beautiful girls
And said that he had nothing to lose and that he did not fear anything.
I had a shock and I just wanted to die in underground.

He threatened to call all his friends and then everything would be dreadful and disgusting and unlimited.

I was afraid of screaming and resisting.

All  people were afraid to even look in his direction.

I wanted to become ugly ugly after this story.
It was impossible to speak with someone because of shame and fear.
When I became a gerva sex I tried many times to kill myself.
I really hated the men and after I did not want to be friends with anyone and any more.
The smile has disappeared from my face for  long years.
This can have an extension indefinitely.
But I come to the conclusion that unfortunate people need real help.
Since there is no love in my heart any more forever.

After all of this
I was able to play sexy games for adults and makes them happy and dont let them broke virgin spirits.

Sexy closes and almost naked body-

This is a trap for a maniac and pervert and a big jackpot for hidden or open ananists. (Ananist is a man who takes out his genitals and need someone looked at hes *pen*).
As a kids we threw such people with stones and called bad words .
Often such people are influential persons doctors lawyers and others.
But we could not tell this to adults. Nobody believed us anyway.

This is the easiest situation that can happen.
A lot of men are sexually touching girls and girls are afraid to say about it to adults. They are afraid because then they threaten to kill her or her parents or tell everyone something bad about her to everybody.
Firstly it's a disgrace to the second reason the rapist will win if his lawyer so good.
Very often there is violence against girls from their fathers or brothers relatives of neighbors or teachers.

 I had a good friend who opened up to me that he had a sexual connection with his teacher.
He have been studied at a special medical school where he corrected the spine. Hes teacher said if he tells someone then he will not to work him never and he will have a hump on his back.
Then he learned that this teacher loved children and had sex with almost all students.
And then it does not matter whether there is a law or not. The girls who have been raped will be disrupted for the rest of their lives and maybe she will not be able to become a good wife for her husband. She can not give her intimate caresses as positively with passion and love and different sexual games will remind her of her rape.
Consequently, her husband will be dissatisfied and therefore unhappy.
A person who loves his wife and is sexually dissatisfied may become angry щк drink alcohol or hit his wife or something else that will help drown out his sexual fantasies.
Maybe her psyche will work differently and she will avenge all men and hate them. So life and fate ruined for many people.

I had an experience with a client who liked to play one game
I had to get dressed in a little girl and play the girl's of hers  dotter. 

I'm a good actress and I played perfectly.
I was in the role of a girl, who was a friend of his daughter and I was called by her name.
This made the client incredibly happy!
But if there were no such services as a girlfriend ...
I do not even want i can to think about it.

Therefore, I always happily play any role that would make men happy and save the psyche of people who could suffer from the sexual fantasies of adults.
 Many men like to tie punish and beat on the pope and let them play this role with me and be happy.
I can dress any costume, play any story, girl, child, slave, spy in the crack of the fan, ananite, masturbate, show the golden rain

Such work as I have is very important for a social society.
This will save the psyche from stress to many people and children and helps to save the family.
If a man loves his wife but he is dissatisfied with sex.
He can get from me any of his fantasies and games.
He will return home happy, will not touch his wife and will not seek another woman to get away from his wife.
Wives who do not like to have sex with their husbands or carry out sexual games, fantasies.
My experience can save your family. Your husband does not go looking for a new wife or looking for a sexually sacrificed.
I know by myself, when there is an erotic fantasy in my head and I really want sex
But your partner is always busy or sick or tired, headache.
I will be angry all the time and resentment, bad sleep, the food will taste bad and in the house there will be a mess. In a word, there will be no joy and happiness.
Most likely this is the reason for my freedom and why I do not have a husband or boyfriend

In some way I sacrifice my family status (alone)
For the sake of saving many families from divorce, saving many women from sexually violent behavior, preserving the psyche of children who look at it and can become a victim or slave.

There would be a good way to do legally such anonymous service girlfriend.

Even open the school and the knowledge of how to properly understand the client,
Play a variety of roles and games,
Teach you how to play so that a man can not be shy and can open all his hidden secrets
Understand that a man wants and help him overcome stress.
It happens that he just needs to talk about what he can not talk to his wife or girlfriend or any doctors.
How to recognize the disease,
 Stay in good health,
 Be able to protect yourself just in case
and much more.
I think this is very important in our true life.
If this were as a profession or business with a tax payment. Why not?
Such crazy job must to have the right to dangerous experience and bonuses.

In the world there would be more happy families, people and would become less a victim of sex and sex slaves and much more.

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